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I specialize in making complex interfaces easy and delightful to use. I create user experiences that are visually enticing, easy to use, and emotionally engaging. 

After completing my Master’s degree in IT. I found myself at a crossroad whereby I had to decide between the technical knowledge I had studied so long for or the creative side that I was born with. The opportunity then arose where I could harness both. I started as a Visual Designer at a large media company and then joined a Digital Marketing Company, as a UI designer gaining on job experience, which then lead me to work as a UX Designer for the world’s largest IT company (Tata Consultancy Services), where I gained invaluable knowledge working with multinationals and government agencies. My several years of in-house experience and on job training grounded my identity as a UX Designer. I especially enjoy understanding user behaviour and being able to take that information to design delightful experiences.

However, since having my two wonderful children I have worked with smaller companies, sole traders and start-ups and have utilised my knowledge and experience to provide them with UX & UI solutions.  Now that my children are full time at school, I feel the opportunity has evolved and I am ready for a new challenge in my career.

I feel my multifacted background and skillset has given me a deeper understanding and unique perspective into the UX/UI design process. You can read more about my own process  here

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch by e-mail or via LinkedIn. I'd love to hear from you!
I live in Walsall, England.
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